Catching the wave

The wave of ascension (shifting and expanding frequencies of all kinds) is about coming Home or going Home (depending on your perspective in the moment). Note that I didn’t say coming or going home. The heaven home in your Heart provides the capital H in Home.

For some the distance to Home is short, for some long. Some will take the high road. Some will take the low road. Some will ride the wave. Some won’t.

The determinants are:

  • Awareness of Self as more than self
  • Perseverence, self-discipline, or get up and go – and maybe even some incentive
  • Self-empowerment. Just how much of the nonsense of this 3D world are you willing to put up with before you put your foot down, and say NO. ENOUGH.

This journey to Home came with a map and instructions once. We, as a collective, appear to have lost both, and forgotten our way. Such is the way in 3D land of duality and disharmonious frequencies. Now we are relying on the SpacesBetween and a myriad of helpers in the celestial and galactic realms for assistance – shining the Light (raising the frequencies) for us to see our way.

It’s not an easy journey – but you did sign up for it in heaven. At this moment in the Now, one can choose to float into 5D frequencies, or get caught in the undertow because you weren’t paying attention. (You could also wait for the next wave but what’s the point when you’ve got this far?)  To choose the former, “catch” (climb aboard) the wave and ride it to the beach. It doesn’t matter whether the tide is coming or going, the waves only go in one direction.



Pray for those who have chosen to stay behind.

Pray for the earth.

Pray for all the species.