Emotional clearing

Emotions will continue to be cleared during the period of ascension (unless this is completed beforehand, which is highly recommended).

Stories of a personal kind need to be dissolved of disharmonious frequencies to the point that the story can be told without a charge to it. It is also advisable to de-link from every memory – of person, place, time, and more – in order to lighten the luggage that is carried forward. There is a sign on gate of heaven that says “no luggage allowed”!

At the collective level, assisting consciousness evolution becomes almost staggering to contemplate as whole nations of peoples struggle with power issues, religion(s), political thought patterns, and poverty. In the grand experiment, the celestials backed up by the galactics see it all  from a wider, different perspective and global prosperity programs will flow to end poverty, suffering, fear, hate and all the other disharmonious activities we exhibit in the personal microcosm and the collective macrocosm. It is this collective “work” that has given rise to the term “Light worker”. In truth it is not “work” but a clearing of frequencies sufficient to let the “Light” shine through.  It will happen. It’s coming like a tidal wave or tsunami!